Monday, August 6, 2012

Karalee's new look!

On Friday during dinner, I looked over at Kara, and noticed something tangled in, or hanging from the back of her hair. So I reached over to pull it out, and was surprised to get a major handful of golden blonde hair! She admitted to trying to cut her own hair, (again!) and she cut it at least 6-7 inches shorter than the rest. It's kinda hard to see in the picture, but she had long hair down her back, and then a hair "shelf" about 7" up.
She also cut some around her face. She couldn't give us any reason as to why she did it, she just didn't know! I'm pretty sure she must have done it when she was making paper snowflakes earlier that day. So now her scissor privileges are completely revoked. We found her hair in several different areas of the house.
Ben took her with him to get a hair cut saturday morning. He told them to try to save the length as much as possible. I was pretty surprised when they got home, it looked like they trimmed a little off the bottom, and put layers through the length. You could still see a very obvious line across the back of her head. They did a good job of blending the front though. So he took her back and got it cut to shoulder length. It looks really cute now, and if she's anything like me, it'll grow out in no time.
  We went back to school shopping on saturday also, since it was a tax free weekend on back to school items. While at the mall, I was standing in line, waiting to pay, and Kara was looking at the jewelry rack. She was looking at some earrings, and a little girl came up and told her that she just got her ears pierced. Kara asked how bad it hurt, and she said, it hurt really bad for a second, but then stopped hurting really fast. Kara turned to me and announced that she wanted to get her ears pierced. I was surprised, since I've tried to talk her into it lots of times, and she hasn't been interested at all. So I had her ask Daddy, and he was okay with it. He also let Kiersten decide if she wanted hers done too, but she said she wasn't ready for pierced ears. Of course Ben had to keep making faces at her while I was trying to get a picture.

  Of course, now Ben thinks she looks too grown up, and like a completely different kid. Maybe the hair cut and ear piercing in the same day was not a great idea. He said when he saw her on the carousel, he thought it was some other, older girl. I can only imagine how he would have felt, if he'd been in the store with us, when I was finding her some dresses. She noticed the intimates section, and asked if she could have a bra! I went over to look, thinking maybe she could get a training bra, or the undershirt type bra for kids. But all they had were shaped, padded bras! for little girls! They even came in a size smaller than Kara. I couldn't believe it, and told her no, she doesn't need one, but had to laugh a little, thinking of how Ben would have reacted if he'd been there with her instead of me.   I think she still looks like my little Kara, what do you think? The first picture was taken yesterday, and the second about a week ago.


bmills said...

2 different kids!

Rachelle Young said...

What a little cutie! Addy cut her hair once too. I was way upset hers was much shorter though. She is getting so big& super cute!

Josh and Jackie said...

She is gorgeous!...I love the hair cut she looks pretty!..So fun she got her ears pierced I love it..Can't wait to see you guys in a week! YAY! I got the email and I will call you if we have any questions can't wait!

Angelique said...

She does look older I have to say! But she is so beautiful, I think I would cry if Laynee cut her hair!