Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day 2012

since it's been brutally hot for the past week and a half, most of the fireworks shows around here were canceled. And ground fireworks are banned too. But we still had a super duper fun holiday! Ben got tickets to the Cardinals game through work, and we invited some friends to come with their kids too. It was over 100°, but at least we weren't in direct sunlight, and the game was in the evening on the 3rd. It was the coolest day of the week. we've been getting up to 108° almost every day!

Everyone was completely soaked through with sweat! and Ben kept spilling snacks all over me! first I got a lap full of reces pieces, and then when I got back from taking the girls to the bathroom, I found a seat full of nachos! luckily, Evie wasn't really using her seat, so I took hers. She made sure that the nacho cheese found it's way from the seat to my lap, of course.
The girls kept fighting over who got to sit by their friend. She's just a few weeks apart in age from Kiersten. We only stayed through the 7th inning, and then left. We got home around 10 and got the kids to bed. I was glad we had left when we did.
Morning of the 4th. the girls were so excited to wear their little headbands. Evie saw these at the store and really wanted one. She wouldn't take it off for a whole day, and then on the 4th, she inexplicably refused to wear it. But the older girls got lots of use out of theirs.
Not sure why Ben looks so sad to be wearing his Chiefs shirt???
We had breakfast at the neighbor's and everyone came over to decorate bikes, scooters, strollers, and wagons for the neighborhood parade. Kara was really excited about it.
Kiersten did okay before the parade, but as soon as the street was uphill, she started whining, and somehow tipped her bike over, and was crying. So she got to ride Kara's scooter for a bit, and then Ben helped her go the rest of the way on her bike.
We had a firetruck and some police cars escorting the parade. The kids all thought that was awesome. The also got little plastic fireman hats, but I didn't take a picture of those.
Kara sure looked funny trying to ride Kiersten's bike for a block or 2!
Evie was happy to be shaded in the stroller. I taped her patriotic headband to the top of the stroller, since she wouldn't wear it for a second.
The parade ended at the pool, which was nice after a long hot walk! There was lunch provided, and games. This pic is of the girls participating in the rubber ducky grab. They each got one, but I don't think either one actually made it home with us. They're the ones sitting down. 
Evie loves when we take her into the big pool. She has good swimmer instincts, and likes floating, etc.
after the pool, we came home to crash for a bit.Ben grilled for all of us, and then Kiersten really wanted to have a movie party, but ended up sleeping through the first 2 movies. Ben and Kara watched Ghostbusters, and then I came down for Ghostbusters II. When Kiersten woke up, I made some popcorn and we all watched the Piglet movie (which I didn't realize I've never seen). and Ben brought down cookies and candy for everyone. I didn't make it to the end of the movie, but I think the rest did. 
It was a pretty fun family holiday.

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Angelique said...

you guys seem to have had a great holiday! That is so fun that the neighborhood had a parade!