Monday, July 2, 2012


Evie has gotten into the habit of wanting to put on jammies for nap time every day. It's helpful, because I know for sure that she's tired and ready for a nap when she comes to me with jammies, or asking me to get her some. One day last week, I changed her into them, and then put her in bed while I worked on painting Kara's closet. When I was ready for a break, I went in to check on her, but ended up finding her on the stairs like this. I have no idea if she got out of her room right after I put her to bed, or if she woke up from her nap, went downstairs, and fell asleep again. Either way, it didn't look very comfy. I put her back in bed, and she slept another hour.
It's been over 100° for about a week, so we haven't been going to the zoo and children's museum lately. We just go to the pool, or hang out around the house.
Kiersten and Evie love pretending to play nintendo along with Kara.
Yesterday, Ben saw this little tortoise in front of our porch. He took a few pictures of it for me to see, as I was busy in the garage painting Kiersten's bed. I guess the heat is bringing out the reptiles, because we've started seeing lizards too.
I am a little worried about him because we are having our yard redone today, and I'm not sure if he lives in one of our bushes. but I warned the yard guys to look out for him when they're over there. He offered to catch it for me to keep if he spots him, but I said no thankyou. I just don't want him getting hurt.
I was taking pictures for my etsy shop today, and just thought this one of Kiersten was sweet, and maybe Ben would like to see it.

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