Tuesday, June 26, 2012

furnished house

We've got a few rooms painted/furnished/ready for pics. So I thought I'd share a few pictures of what we've been spending all our weekends doing. Here's a shot of the kitchen with new paint. I think the plain paint makes the backsplash a lot more noticeable than it was with that horrid wall paper. If you look above the window, you can see the valances I made. I just used the existing ones, and added my own fabric.
The other valances above the windows/door. When I ripped off the old fabric, I was surprised it was just folded and pinned on. So this was almost a no sew project for me. I did sew the longer, hanging down shade part on the ones for the windows. The old ones had been glued together, but I couldn't bring myself to do that when i have a perfectly good sewing machine sitting right there.
We didn't do much to the dining room, except put down a rug under the table, and hang some pictures.
We eventually want to change out this chandelier to match the ones in the entry and kitchen a little better. But it works for now.
We bought some couches for this sitting room. We have decided to live with the red walls for now. With the moldings around the doors, and the cutout nook, it will be a pain in the butt to paint this room. We took down the ugly curtains, but haven't replaced them yet.
I loved this chair when I spotted it, but fully expected Ben to hate it. But luckily for me, he liked it too, and we got it. I love the shape of it and the pattern. Another project in the works, is replacing all the picture frames so they match better. Ben's really been on me lately about making a list.

I also love our livingroom furniture. We found the exact couch we were dreaming up in our heads, and then found tables in another store that went really well with it. We also got some better curtains, and Ben made some tie backs out of twine. He just used his drill (somehow) to twist it into a braided rope. We might get something more permanent later, but it's working great for now. We also are in love with our new rug. We were worried at the store that it was gonna be too big, but it turned out to be the perfect size for this room. Ben has reminded me several times which vacuum setting I'm supposed to use on it. Ignore the picture collage on the wall. It still has the store pics in it. I plan on getting our own photos in there soon. I didn't get the sofa table in the picture, but it matches the coffee table, and is behind the loveseat.
This chair is my favorite piece of furniture! I just love it, and it's super comfy. This chair faces the couch/window wall.
That's all for now! I'll have pictures of the girls' rooms very soon, when we've completed all the finishing touches.


Josh and Jackie said...

Your kitchen is my DREAM kitchen.. I love all the new furnishings. ESPECIALLY that chair...LOVE, can't wait to see you guys, just a month and a half to go!

Josh and Jackie said...

I just got on again to look at your new stuff..I really really love it. Super super nice. Miss you guys can't wait to see you soon.

Angelique said...

I love it all!