Thursday, August 26, 2010


the girls invited me to a tea party on the floor last week. Kara took a few pictures afterward. most of the tea party was cleaned up by the time she did. Evangeline had some imaginary food.
They love her so much.
saturday was Ben's softball game for work. It's always fun to see everyone. Kara is getting so big, and brave.

Kiersten wanted to watch the game, even though Kara was too busy on the playground to come watch with us.
Ben hitting a double. I think he had a pretty good game from what I saw of it.

Another sleeping picture.
I decided to recover our dining chairs. We got these as a wedding gift, and the seats were getting pretty hard to get clean. So I just got some upholstery fabric on sale at JoAnn's. I used Ben's staple gun again, and this time, I even reloaded it all by myself. It only took me about 20 minutes to finally get the staples in correctly. It was more difficult because these chairs are solid wood, and the stools I did before were just foam and a thin board. Also, I couldn't use the drill because there was too long of a space to reach the screws. So I had to use the regular screw driver. It wasn't so bad getting the seats off, but reattatching them wasn't the easiest. The chair on the left is the after, and the right is the before.
I let the girls get out their art supplies to work on "projects" while I did the chairs. They love making arts and crafts.
after lunch they wanted to play outside. We didn't stay out long, because it was really hot.

they love turning on the sprinkler.
Kiersten got to put the final sticker on her potty chart last night. That meant she got to buy her very own leapster. We took her to toys r us after dinner. She picked out a green one, and a Ni Hao Kai Lan game to play with it. The best part was that at the store she said she needed to go potty, and she went on the big toilet with no training seat. She is getting to be so big.

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VicandNanc said...

Yay Kiersten, cute chairs, & wow, Ben was right about the grass being green!