Wednesday, August 11, 2010

crazy around here

just wanted to update with some pictures for Ben to see while he's in salt lake. Just in case he doesn't miss us enough already.
Evangeline loves baths, just like both of her sisters did. She especially loves getting her head cleaned. We finally got out the baby swing for her. She likes looking at all the different lights, and toys on it. I got these cute overalls at the store for just $3.
here she is doing her baby push ups. she is getting better and better all the time.
Kara joining Evie for tummy time.
more swinging.
The girls did a project with water colors the other day. Kiersten painted her face like this, and then was horrified when she saw herself in the mirror. she started crying and begging to have it cleaned off.
We also got out our farm play yard for the baby. It seemed like she was getting bored laying around all the time. She loves looking in the mirror the most. the girls always want to play with her, but I think she prefers when they leave her alone.
getting ready for a nap. she's pretty good about going down for naps when I want her to. she's a pretty good baby all around. She's definitely my easiest newborn. I don't know if that's because of her, or because of me.
The girls after their bath today. they sure miss their daddy, and I get to hear about how much they miss him all day.
funny faces. Kara loves making funny faces. Kiersten isn't very original. She usually just copies whatever Kara is doing. (which, honestly, is usually this same type of thing.)


Angelique said...

So so cute!! Your girls are so adorable! They have such cute personalities, the picture of kiersten and how she hated the paint on her face made me laugh so hard. Hillarious!! Love you guys!!

VicandNanc said...

Silly girls, so fun to see!