Tuesday, August 3, 2010


we drove up to Idaho to see ben's dad, and to break up our drive home. Here he is meeting the baby. I love how she is reaching up to him. Katie and her boyfriend, Brennan came over. He did pretty well with Ben's endless teasing.
sleepy time.
there is usually an impromptu concert when we go to Papa's house.
The Miller's happened to be having a reunion this weekend. We were able to go to the lake with everyone on saturday, and to dinner.
The girls had tons of fun. They did get a little more color than I'd have liked. We just aren't used to that idaho sun.
Everyone was glad to meet Evangeline. Here she is being held by Ben's aunt DeeAnn.
It was a little hard to keep track of all the kids, and we had a few scares with missing kids, but everyone was found in the end.
Kara playing in the water.
my Kiersten baby.
getting ready to leave for dinner. Kerry and Lana got there right as we were starting to pack things up.
I woke up from a nap to find that Papa had given Karalee a guitar to play.
Kiersten soon joined with a drum, and they got Papa to dance for them.
They love playing with all of the animals, especially poor Boo-Paw, who they are constantly picking up, or chasing around.
Playing fetch with Duke.
Evie was happyto be able to relax out of the carseat, which she now hates being in. Her cheeks are starting to get chubby.
we left at 1 AM to drive home. Ben slept from the time we got back from dinner, til about 12:30. I kept the girls awake as long as I could, but they were out by the time we were ready to leave. They still slept for most of the night in the car though.

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Angelique said...

Fun time with family!! We really were happy to see you guys! Laynee is now obsessed with Ben. Did he play with her a lot when you guys were here?