Friday, September 3, 2010

first trip to the beach

Today was supposed to be Evie's first time at a water park, but when we got there, they were closed, so we went to the beach instead. The beach isn't my favorite place, but the girls really love it, and that makes it more fun. But the beach combined with a fussy 7 week old, and no good place for nursing or diaper changes, was not so fun. the girls still enjoyed themselves, so I guess that's what really matters, right? Ben played with the girls in the water, and they walked all along the beach together, while I sat with the baby in the shade. I walked around a little, and while I was away from our stuff, someone stole the girls' leftover lunches. I'm glad that is what was taken, since we had a lot of other stuff sitting there that I would be a lot more worried about losing. but we thought it was weird. I looked in the trash can, thinking maybe the sack fell on the ground, and someone tossed it. the brown bag was in there, and the sandwich bags were in there, empty, as well as the cheetos bags, aslo empty. I was wondering if some hungry bum was wandering the beach, looking for food. If someone wanted a half eaten sandwich and some cheetos that badly, I guess I'm glad we could help them out.
Evie's first trip to the beach. I tried to make Ben hold her for the picture, to avoid a bathing suit picture myself, but he made me hold her instead. that's why I have that idiotic look on my face.
since we were planning on going to the water park, we didn't bring any sand toys. But they managed to make a sand castle anyway.
I'm glad they could have a fun day, and we could all get out of the house for a few hours. Last weekend, Ben took the girls to a movie, and school clothes shopping. it was nice to spend the day alone with the baby, but it was also nice today, to get to come along for the fun.
We were going to take them to baskin robins for ice cream, but kiersten got carsick, and puked all over herself. So after stopping to clean her up, we decided just to go through the dairy queen drive through and take the ice cream home. Kiersten is naked, due to the puking.
After we got home, Ben took Kara to get her hair cut. She looks super cute, but I think it makes her look older, which is kinda sad for me. She starts school again on the 13th. She is so excited.


Troy and Rachelle said...

Cute carseat cover looks like you guys had a fun day!!

Angelique said...

So fun!! Love you guys and miss you lots!