Monday, August 2, 2010


This is a picture from last week, I just wanted to sneak it into this post. Mom and Dad left on Friday morning. I got a few pics of Dad with Evangeline. He did panic a bit when she started puking while he was holding her. It sounds like they had fun driving home, and stopping at lots of fun places.
We left home at 10:30 PM on monday evening. We finally arrived in Pleasant Grove at 4 pm the next day. Jackie and Josh were nice enough to let us spend the night at their house. Here is cute little Cash wearing Ben's hat.
Evie and her cousin Kaymie. They are just 6 months apart in age.
Laynee, Kara, and Kiersten playing in Cash's room. He has lots of fun toys that he shared.
Angie's little Kyrie. She is just adorable, and reminds me so much of Angie.
Shelly and Angie both came over with their families, and Nic came over too. So we took all the kids outside to play for a while.
Nic and shelly
Angie holding little Evangeline.
Ben and Nic went to the store and got ice cream for everyone, and Shelly brought some brownies. Laynee and Kara are just like 2 peas in a pod.

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