Friday, August 20, 2010


I have 2 great little helpers who love giving Evie her binky whenever she cries.  I love how she looks when sleeping. At her 1 month check up she weighed 9lbs 10oz. she is up to the 75th percentile for weight after being under 50th % at her first checkup. she is also in the 75th for height. It seems strange to me because Kara was always 99%, and Kiersten was always way off the chart on height. But I guess she has plenty of time to catch up later. We love her just as she is, short or tall. maybe it'll take her longer to be able to get into the cupboards and things.
Someone mentioned to Ben that I have not been in the blogs lately. So here's a picture to prove I'm still around. These days I can usually be found wherever Evangeline is.
These stools had suede on them that I had to scrub after every meal. So I decided to cover them with vinyl. Here is how they turned out. It was pretty easy to do. It was my first time using a staple gun, and my first time using Ben's drill without his help (or permission). The girls were a lot more excited about it than I thought they would be. They are both really into dresses lately, especially Kiersten. I can't get her to wear pants lately.
I thought it was cute the other night when Ben was helping Kara read. she's been learning to read words for a few months, and I have started teaching her to read sentences. I was just writing simple sentences on paper, since most of her books have some words that are still a little hard for her. A few nights ago, Ben came home with these early reader books for her. They are perfect. And she is so proud to be able to read an entire book without us telling her any of the words.
Ben thinks these jammies make her look big. but I think she still looks pretty small. They have Kiersten's name embroidered on them, but she doesn't mind.
cute baby getting ready for a bath.
just a funny picture at the end of a smile.
Here's how she looks as of today. I sure love her little face!


VicandNanc said...

That bottom picture is so stinkin cute from the family site that I thought I was logging on here to look at pictures taken at a studio! I can't believe she does so good with tummy time already. Tommy never did that until he was 3+ months old. She is precious. Good job with the chairs, I always think about projects like that I want to do, but I spend way more time dreaming than doing!

Angelique said...

Way cute pictures!! That is awesome that Kara can read already, good job.