Saturday, April 3, 2010

weekend visitors

Victor and Nancy drove with little Tommy to visit us for Easter weekend. It has been lots of fun so far. They arrived around 3 am on friday morning. Ben had an appointment that day, and Kara had school. The rest of us hung out all morning, and then drove up to tukwila to get Ben from work. We went to lunch at one of Ben's favorite Seattle spots, Tats. It was okay, but I was expecting a lot better from how much he always raves about it. Then we had to hurry down to pick up Kara from school. Poor Tommy and Kiersten were stuck in their carseats for quite a while. Later that night, we dyed easter eggs with the girls. They both thought it was really fun.
They did keep dropping the eggs, so we ended up with more cracked ones than not.

This morning after breakfast, Ben and Nancy took Kara to see "how to train your dragon". They all said it was a fun movie, although Ben was kept busy cleaning Kara's 3D glasses, because she kept touching them after touching the popcorn. Victor, Tommy, Kiersten and I stayed home. We listened to the conference talks, and Kiersten helped me make a cheesecake.
She kept calling it a pie, and thought she would get to eat it as soon as it was done baking.
We drove out to the Tacoma children's museum to meet Ben, Nancy, and Kara. We got there a bit earlier than them. Kiersten had fun building while we waited.
Poor little Tommy got hungry, so he was happy to see his Mommy.
helping the girls with art projects.

Nancy and Tommy. He is so good at standing up.
isn't he just so adorable?the girls always love this fishing boat.
Tommy got dressed up in one of the costumes.
Ben and Vic learning origami.
more art projects.

Kara playing at the cash register.we decided to have Easter dinner today, since the Sutherlands will be leaving in the early afternoon tomorrow. Kara set the table and helped make all the decorations for it. She loves doing it, and was so proud to show everyone what she'd done. She even chose the seating arrangements.
and a shot to include Ben.

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