Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We haven't quite gotten over our colds yet, but everyone is starting to feel a little better. The girls are mostly done with their coughs, and having a fun day to celebrate. Kara asked if I would take a picture of her cleaning her room. But when I went in there, they were already done cleaning, and busy playing. She got this spelling toy for her birthday from Grandma Van Sickle. she really likes playing with it.
Kiersten loves stuffed animals, especially bunnies.
All it took was one look out the window for Kara to notice it wasn't raining today. Of course, she asked if they could eat their lunch outside. I try to let them take advantage of the sunny days when we get them, and they are starting to be more and more frequent. This week is supposed to be pretty nice. It may seem strange to eat spaghetti outside, but it worked pretty well for them.

Kiersten wouldn't put her crackers down for a picture.

Kara was doing so much running around and jumping, that I started to feel tired just sitting there, watching her.

Kiersten loves finding clovers in the grass. She says, "look, I find a wucky!" (lucky). She always finds a few for me. Today she also picked a few blades of grass for me and said, "here. for you, mama." I love my new lounge chair. I am more willing to sit back there with them for longer now that I can be comfortable, and read while they play.Kara really wanted to find a 4 leaf clover today, but was unsuccesful. they were blowing bubbles, and one popped on my camera lense. I thought i had it cleaned off good, but now I can see some spots in the pictures. I'll have to go back and re clean it.
now the girls are having quiet time after so much playing in the sun. They defintely miss Daddy at work, but I'm glad they're enjoying their day so much. Hopefully it will be a nice weekend, and we can take them to the park to try out their new kites from the easter bunny!

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Josh and Jackie said...

Fun the girls look like they are always having fun!!!I can't wait till I have a fenced in yard! Karas hair is really long and I love the curl in it...So pretty. Hey I got the flowers thank you so much they are really pretty and I love getting flowers.