Monday, April 5, 2010


We stayed up too late playing Dr. Mario on saturday night, so the girls were the first to wake up on Easter morning. I heard them playing, so I got up, and before long, they were begging me to let them wake up Daddy, so I did. What a fun way to wake up. cute little Tommy in his Easter outfit. He is just such a little sweetie.

The girls loved playing with Tommy. And I hope he liked the attention he got from both of them.
I really like this picture of the girls waiting to get outside to the eggs.
Kiersten got to pick out her easter dress this year. At the time, I was really trying to get her to like a different one, but she looked so adorable, so it turned out to be a great choice.
Kara also picked out her dress this year. She has been so excited to get to wear it. but not as excited as she was when she looked out the window and saw eggs everywhere.
The girls have loved having uncle Victor and aunt Nancy around this weekend.
family picture. I love Kiersten's impatient look.silly Kiersten pic.
Nancy helped Kiersten with her basket. At first, she was opening each egg as she picked it up, but she ended up getting lots of eggs anyway. I think she ended up finding $4.50 in quarters.
Kara is great at finding easter eggs. She made $5.50 in quarters.
the race only got a little competetive.posing with all the eggs they found. Nancy and Ben found their baskets at the same time.
mine was pretty easy to find.
The easter bunny brought lots of goodies for Tommy too.
the girls were thrilled with these little umbrellas.
Sutherland''s been so much fun having a little baby around. Especially such a charming little guy.
Kiersten wearing one of Kara's new headbands, and pouting about being cut off from more candy.

Poor Kiersten cried and cried after Ben left for work this morning. Then she started crying again when we left Kara at precshool. When we got home, I was making beds, and she went and started knocking on the guestroom door. I went to get her, and she said, "where Tommy go?" of course she got really upset again when I reminded her that he had gone home. She said she wanted to take a nap, and has been sleeping ever since. I hope I can cheer her up when she wakes up.

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