Friday, April 23, 2010

Mariner's game

We took the girls to a Mariner's game Wednesday night. As soon as I picked Kara up from school, we headed up to meet Ben at his office. He had an appointment that went long, and then we headed up to Seattle for the game. We only had to pay $6 for parking, and didn't have to walk very far. The tickets we had came with a complimentary hotdog and soda for each of us. Both girls were so excited about the hotdogs, and especially to have their own rootbeers.
It was around 55°, so I was glad I remembered to bring gloves for the girls. We also brought our big, pink Mariners blanket for them to cuddle under.
Ben wore a seattle seahawks sweatshirt, and a KC chiefs hat. some guy at the game told him that the chiefs are coming to play in seattle this year. Ben is already excited to go to the game. I looked it up, and they will be in town on Nov 28th. I hope he doesn't get tickets for it, and then call it my birthday gift!
Every time music was played, Kiersten would start dancing and jumping around happily. We both had our turn to have our laps stomped on.
Kara was really excited to sit by her friend, Gus, but I made her sit by me for a little while too.
They really didn't stay in their seats much, except for when they were eating dinner and treats. Kara was a lot more interested in the game than Kiersten was.
pitcher winding up.
The mariners beat the Orioles 4-1. The girls both got really excited at the end of the game when we won, and everyone was cheering. The game went fast. It only lasted about 2 hours, which was good for us, since it didn't start til 7. I thought we would be carrying sleeping girls out of there after 10 pm.

The girls both got baseball cards, and pocket schedules that they were pretty excited about. Also, if you go to the customer service area, they fill out a certificate for the kids to take home about the game. They didn't want to get their picture taken with the moose, though. Kara loved the energy and excitement of the game, and I think Kiersten's favorite part was getting to eat so much candy. They were really hyper in the car on the way home.


VicandNanc said...

Eating ice cream and long licorice is about my only memory of the games too! I was too excited to walk around looking at all of the food. I'm glad your girls are getting that memory :) Vic said to tell Ben he's never sat so close at a baseball game so he is jealous of your good deal.... Maybe this summer we'll be able to do it.

Vicky Van Sickle said...

It sounds like a fun baseball game. I would like to go sometime. I've never been to a professional baseball game. I didn't realize Ben was such a big fan of Baseball and it looks like you had great seats.