Monday, April 19, 2010


We've had a pretty uneventful week, but I still took a few pictures of the girls. Kara loves blowing bubbles for Kiersten to chase and pop. She's getting so big. She only has 7 weeks left of school, and then she'll stay home all summer. I'm sure she'll come up with lots of fun things to do to stay busy. She is still very into scrapbooking, drawing, playing her leapster, decorating anything I'll let her, practicing her writing and learning to spell words. She also loves practicing math. so far she is better at adding than subtracting. She sometimes tells us that she knows everything. It's kinda funny, and so cute. She likes feeding Daisy every morning, and likes being the one to clean up. Although, every time she cleans the livingroom, she likes to spread blankets out on the couches and tables. I always have to go back after and fold them all back up. She insists on setting the table every night, and sometimes she will let Kiersten help too. Today on the way home from school, she asked if she could color when we got home. I said if Kiersten fell asleep she could. I stopped at the mailbox, and between there and home, Kiersten fell asleep. Kara said, "mom, you're brilliant. I'm glad you got the mail so Kiersten would go asleep." I thought that was funny. I asked her what brilliant means, and she said, "repeat after me, brill-ee-ant. It means how you are so smart." how can you not laugh at that?
Kiersten is always so busy. She only takes one nap a day now, so I have to hurry to get as much done as i can while she sleeps. She loves wearing Kara's roller skates around the house. She has gotten better at skating than Kara. Practice makes perfect. She also loves getting decked out in protective gear if she's going to be venturing into the kitchen. She really likes helping me cook and bake lately. Almost on a daily basis, she asks to make cookies or cupcakes. I have to tell her no a lot, or we would have a never ending supply of goodies around. She is always moving chairs around to climb on, or anything that will help her climb higher. She can get straight up the kitchen cupboards and onto the counter without having to stand on anything. She has really been a daddy's girl lately, and is doing so well at sleeping in her own bed. She doesn't like that we have restricted her binky to bed and nap time. She will stash them when she wakes up, so she can get them later. I am always hunting for those binkys. I think I'll give her one more month before they have to go away completely.
my little sweetie today. if you tell her to say "cheese" she makes a weird face, so I've started telling her to say "candy" or "daddy", and get all these great, happy smiles.


VicandNanc said...

Kiersten looks SO adorable in these pictures, as does that teal shirt, I love it! ...and I can't believe you had to ask your 4 year old what brilliant meant :)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I'm glad you figured out what word helps Kiersten give a big smile. She has such a beautiful smile!

Troy and Rachelle said...
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Troy and Rachelle said...

The girls are so cute & getting so big!! Troy says candy to get the kids to listen to him. That is funny that you say it to get her to smile. I just started a blog & ai am excited to see what you think.