Tuesday, June 9, 2009

girls girls girls!

I wanted to update with some recent pictures of the girls.

Kiersten pouting at the movies because we wouldn't let her run around.

Kara using the big kid swing!

Kiersten trying on Kara's helmet.

Kara enjoying a cupcake. It's very rare these days to see Kara with a messy face.

but we get to see Kiersten's messy face several times a day! This girl LOVES eating. she is always so excited to get up in her highchair!

the girls are always playing with the kitchen together. Kara is funny, always taking imaginary orders and fixing krabby patties and other delicious things for all of us. she'll say, "what can I get for you, sir?" it's so silly.


VicandNanc said...

I think that little red bow is one of the first things I've seen on Kiersten's head! It's cute :)

Peterson Family said...

Cute pictures of the girls! My fave is the one of Kiersten in the high chair with brown on her face. What a cheeser!!! :)

Peterson Family said...

P.S. Your header is really cute!