Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last week i had a $10 off coupon to use at kohl's, which happens to be right by Ben's new office. The girls were so excited to go up and visit Daddy. Here's a couple pictures of them getting ready to leave.
both girls love story time. they do sometimes fight over the books though.
We let Kiersten spend a few nights in Kara's room. We are thinking about moving her in there, and we wanted to see how it would work out for them. They both started out excited about it, but both nights, Kiersten woke up crying.
ready to fall asleep watching a movie together.
Ben gave the girls a bath on saturday. I am usually the one who does it, but they were sure excited to have daddy in there with them. after the baths, we went to a birthday party for Kara's friend Evan. It was about an hour drive to get there. We all had a pretty fun time. Of course Kara acted a bit crazy the whole time we were there. Kiersten fell on some stairs and got a sad little owie on her head. Ben thought it was hilarious, I'm still not sure why.
this picture really shows how much Kiersten is thinning out. It's a combination of her starting to eat a little less and this crazy growth spurt she's having. she has gotten so tall. she can reach things off the counter so easily, and even reach door knobs.
she loves playing with Daisy. the poor thing is always trying to get away from her, but Kiersten seems to be finding her more easily lately. Luckily for Daisy, Kiersten is finally learning to pet nice instead of just pulling fur.

We worked a lot in the yard on sunday. I'll have to take a picture of the backyard. Ben built the girls a play area back there for the slide and toys. he filled it up with rubber mulch, and they both think it is just the neatest thing. I cut down the dying tulips in our front flower bed, and we added more soil and I planted some new flowers. Our lilys are sooo tall this year. It actually looks a little strange right now, because they are so much higher than everything else. I don't remember them being so large last year. But I do remember that they only bloomed for a few weeks, so it wont look wierd for too long, I guess. we also made a little stone border around our shrubs on the sides of the garage. it turned out kinda cute. we still have a few things to do, especially in the back, but hopefully it'll all be done soon and we can just enjoy being out there and not having to work so hard.


Peterson Family said...

I love your weekly updates! The pics are cute and it sounds like you got a lot done in the yard!

VicandNanc said...

I hear you on the yardwork! Yesterday was the first day I was able to sit out on the couch & read a book outside & it felt so weird to be enjoying all of our hard work instead of adding to it!

Josh and Jackie said...

So fun they are both getting way too big!!!! Definitely post pics of the yard. I love to look at things like that. I can't wait till I have my own yard.