Monday, June 1, 2009

Kara's dance class

Kara's class practicing their dance! Kara is the one in a pink leotard and no skirt. Sorry about the sound from Kiersten drinking a capri sun.

Here they are practicing gallops. of course Kara is the one acting like a spaz. On yo gabba gabba, they do a dance game, and when you freeze you're supposed to do a silly pose. Kara kept doing her yo gabba gabba poses instead of her dance poses that I swear, she knows how to do. She's showed me so many times! I guess she was a bit confused.

they also got to show off with a freestyle dance. I love how Kara tattles to the teacher when she gets bumped by another girl.

Here is the dance that the girls have been learning. some of them are really good at following the teacher. Others, like Kara, are a bit distracted with having an audience watching. The teacher made them perform the dance 3 or 4 times because someone messed up each time. after that, she finally gave up and called it good enough. My favorite one, which I unfortunately didn't get on camera, was when Kara announced in the middle of the dance that she got new roller skates. A bunch of the other girls got excited and started telling about their skates and bikes, and they had to start over.

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VicandNanc said...

I love hearing funny stories about Kara! I couldn't get the videos to play though :( (Said they are private only)