Monday, June 8, 2009

goodbye stuff!

Last weekend I sold our black leather couch on craigslist. It went to a college kid at PLU. it was a pretty good deal, I think. Here is a picture of Ben watching football with the girls on our old couch.

This was on the superbowl this year. We were sore from being in a car wreck, and we all just curled up on the couch all day. This was before I lost the baby weight.

this is the picture I put on craigslist. I wanted to take a pic of it leaving, but I forgot.

this weekend I sold our 56" tv on craigslist. When Ben got his new 72-incher, we moved this into the guestroom, but the convergence chip went out on it, so Ben decided that was a good time to furnish the guest room and Kara's room with new ones. it's been in the garage ever since.

here it is leaving in the truck of the young couple who bought it. they got an awesome deal. (even though they do have to get that chip fixed) I was thinking about how excited Ben was when we first bought that thing a few months after we got married. When our apartment was on fire, all he could think about was that tv. he kept trying to talk the firemen into letting him go back in for it, ha!

it's a little weird to sell stuff we actually really loved at some point and got years of use out of. It's wierd that other people just have them now. yesterday we cleaned and organized our garage, so that was nice to have room in there finally. I even went through all of the different baby boxes and got them organized and nicely stored. I have to say it was kinda fun to open a box of newborn clothes and see all those tiny shoes and things! you just forget how small they start out! I brought a lot of 18 month clothes inside for Kiersten to wear. Kara didn't fit into 18 month clothes until she was almost 2, and here Keirsten is big enough for them at just 14 months! crazy! We still have 2 tvs in there that are both going to idaho with us in a few weeks to live with family members, then I found several more items to sell, and soon we'll have a nice, clean garage that isn't housing a bunch of old, unwanted furniture and tvs!


VicandNanc said...

oops, I commented on the wrong spot... look lower!
But that is nice that you are gettin rid of stuff, it always feels good to clear things out :)

Peterson Family said...

I can hardly wait to have our garage sale so I can say good-bye to a bunch of our stuff!