Friday, October 7, 2016


We decided to stay at a hotel near the airport the night before leaving on our fun trip last week. That way the girls could sleep in an extra half hour, and we could leave our car parked there for the week. The girls were very excited and wanted to head straight to the pool. 
Kiersten said it was the best day of her life, haha. 

I let Kara use the waterproof camera to take some photos. I found lots of interesting shots she took. 

It was fun, and we were the only ones there on a Thursday night. But we headed to bed early so that we could be at the airport early the next morning. The hotel shuttle was very convenient, and we got there with plenty of time. 
The flight was pretty uneventful. We let the girls sit together with their friends, and there was a little bit of fighting, so we decided that on the flight home, they'd all stay in the assigned seats by their parents. 
When we got to Florida, we drove to Coco Beach, and got checked into our hotel. 

The kids were very excited to get to the beach. It was a great day to play in the waves. 
These 3 little monkeys had so much fun splashing around. I think they were mostly happy to run around after being on the plane for 2 1/2 hours, and then the shuttle afterward. 

I thought that the water was the perfect temperature. 

I love to hear all of the laughs and squeals with every wave. They had such a great time. 

It was hard to round them all up at once for a group photo, but I finally got them all to come over for a moment. It did not last long. I was trying not to laugh at all the fabulous posing that was happening. 
The kids wanted to stay even after a thunderstorm rolled in. But we made everyone go back to the hotel to clean up for dinner. 
After everyone was changed, we took a free tram to the pier and found a spot for dinner. By the time we all ate, the skies cleared up and we had a gorgeous evening to walk the pier with the kids. All of the kids were so happy and pleasant, but we wanted to get them to bed so they could be bright and chipper for the cruise in the morning. 

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