Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We had a wonderful time in Tortola. We had never been there before. We did have to wait a while for the tram to fill up to take us to the beach, but once we got on our way, we had an exciting ride over. 
The kids were antsy from sitting in the tram, waiting to go. 

It was such a nice day. 

The water was the perfect temperature. It was a little shelly on the bottom in certain spots, but they enjoyed diving down for the seashells. 

The girls found a coconut and played with it all day. They would carry it around, bury it in the sand, and even try to swim with it. 

Ben found a Rum distillery that was just a short walk from the beach. The adults took turns heading over there for a tour, while someone stayed behind with the kiddos. 

We did see some fish. They were mostly white, so hard to get a good photo with my water camera. 

I really liked Tortola, and would visit again. It was not as touristy as I expected. We didn't end up doing any shopping there, but regretted that, as we missed our port in St. Thomas thanks to hurricane Matthew. So we ended up not really doing much souvenir shopping at all on this trip. Kiersten did get a necklace, and Kara always gets a key chain wherever we go. We also ended up with a set of coasters no one remembers buying, so hopefully those got paid for. 

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