Monday, October 10, 2016

Princesses on the Fantasy

Kiersten and Evie were excited to attend the Disney Jr breakfast. Kara wasn't interested, so we gave her ticket to Evie's buddy. They got to meet Jake, Princess Sofia, doc McStuffins, and Mickey.

Our friend's baby was so adorable. It was more fun because we were with him, and he was just mesmerized. 

The server taught the kids a magic floating spoon trick. They were pretty thrilled, but not too great at it yet. 

Ben and I got to meet Minnie Mouse without the kids. They wouldn't have enjoyed the mixer/presentation she was at, though. 
Ben told her that she was my style hero. 

Ariel is always a favorite. Ben and Evie saw her 5 times in 1 day, hahaha. 
Kara was not in the Oceaneer Club when we picked up the girls for their Frozen meet and greet. We took Evie and Kiersten to meet the ladies. They laughed that Anna said she had 2 sisters when she noticed Evie's dress. 
One of our friends saw Kara at the breakfast buffet, and sent her down. I waited for her while Ben took the other 2 back to the club. She didn't have time to get her princess dress, but still wanted to meet Anna and Elsa. I'm not sure why they didn't have Olaf there this time. 
She did not want to do the princess gathering, and went back up to the pool, so we gave her ticket to Evie's friend again.  
Kiersten was glad she hadn't missed her chance to see Ariel. (Still her favorite mermaid)

We had formal night, so the girls wore their princess attire to dinner. Kara finally got the wear the dress she picked out weeks ago. She has tried to wear it several times, but I told her it's not school appropriate. 

Mean mom made them wait in line to get a cute photo...

We were first in line for this photo backdrop, but didn't realize it was the line for a picture with the Captain. So that was an added bonus for us. Captain Fabian was very kind, even when Evie declared that she thought Mickey was the captain of the ship. He explained that Mickey isn't very good about staying at the wheel. He always sneaks away to have fun with the kids, so they are co-captains. 
The girls loved being right next to the interactive screen at dinner. We got to talk to Crush the turtle. You can kind of see the ridiculous Crush cup that we got the girls before we realized how large and oddly shaped they would be. But the girls were happy with them. Of course they don't have to try to clean them out, and find an entire shelf for them to occupy at home. 

There was even a turtle in our room that night after dinner. None of them wanted to go to the show, so I was disappointed about that. They just hung out in the Oceaneer club, but it gave Ben and I a chance to wander the shops without constant begging to purchase items. Ben also found his preferred lounge for the rest of the cruise. 

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