Friday, October 7, 2016

Finally on the Disney Fantasy!

We didn't need to be at the port too early on Saturday morning, so that was nice to have time for everyone to get ready. We didn't have to wait around very long to board. We actually didn't even have time to stand in line to meet Minnie Mouse before our group was called. The girls always stay happy longer the less time we spend waiting around, so that was good. 
The Fantasy is the last of the Disney ships for us to visit. Of course now that we've made it to all 4, they have announced 2 new ships being constructed. I was very excited to see the ship, and how it would be different from the Dream. 
The girls were glad to see Minnie in the Atrium. They also had fun spotting their friends as everyone came aboard. 
We always do some walking around to find out where everything is. I really liked this Piazza area, but we didn't end up spending a lot of time in there. The girls were excited to get their fancy on!

We carried on our bathing suits so we could hit the pool right after lunch. It was a pretty day, not too hot. We got there early enough to get a good spot to sit. At first I had my bathing suit on inside out. (I had rinsed it out after the beach.) I didn't even notice until Ben pointed it out while we were in line to ride the Aquaduck. We had a good laugh about that, and I weirdly had to keep fighting the temptation to just slip it off and back on there in line. I waited til after the ride to change discreetly in the bathroom. 
Evie met this little girl with the same bathing suit as her. They made fast friends, and hung out a lot during the trip. We kept seeing her family everywhere we went. She liked having a new friend. 
One of the places I really wanted to check out was the Oceaneer Lab/Club. We went up there during the open house so we could look around at all the fun the girls were going to have. 

Kiersten is always up for a dance party. Sometimes Kara and Evie are as well. 

Andy's room was very cute. We all had a good time exploring it. 

Evie was happy to sign herself in. 

Kara found some fun stuff in there too. 

I was a little surprised, but glad how much Evie loved the splash pad still. She wanted to play there a lot. I think she really only left for the pool when her friends were tired of Nemo and friends. 

We had the place to ourselves at first. I was glad we brought our bathing suits, so we could get right to it while most people were doing lunch. 
I was also glad the girls got some fun time in the pool before it got crazy over crowded. 
It was a busy day with tons of fun, so we were ready to relax and sit down for dinner. 
Our dining staff was very nice. Ben made a complaint about one of the servers on the first night, so they spent the rest of the week going overboard to make up for it, even though we kept assuring them we were good, and everything was wonderful. I felt badly that the server he complained about was working his very first cruise. He was pretty nervous the rest of the week. I made sure to leave him great feedback on the comment card to make up for it. 
We finally gave up on getting Kara to order anything other than mac and cheese for dinner. It just isn't worth the fight. So of course this time, she ordered differently almost every night. I guess sometimes backing off truly is the answer. 
Too many desserts. I only made the mistake of ordering the trio on the first night. It's too much, and I felt awful about leaving a lot of it uneaten. The girls declined dessert a few times too. I think a lot of ice cream was eaten up on the pool deck...
The towel creations were a hit as usual. I was thrilled to see Ghiradelli chocolates this time! I never eat the Snow White ones and save them up for the kids, but we did not leave any of these uneaten.

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