Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pokemon loose on the Fantasy

When we booked this cruise, we didn't realize it was a Halloween cruise. We were pretty excited when we realized it. Ben was after me for weeks to decide on costumes. Finally, Evie said she wanted to be Pikachu, and we all followed her lead. We were pretty popular as "the Pokemon family" on Halloween party day. Most of the costumes were Disney related, so we stood out. I'm sure on actual Halloween, we will not be alone.
Kiersten was Jiggly Puff, and Kara was Squirtle. She actually had said she wanted to be Bulbasaur, but I got it confused. She was sweet about it though, and really got into her character. She wants a little squirt gun to carry around trick or treating. 
Misty and Ash were pretty obvious choices to settle on. We briefly entertained the idea of being Jesse and James, but that didn't make sense with the Pokemon that the kids were dressed as. 
Little Pikachu. She had a grand time being dressed up and trying to talk like him. 
Gotta catch em all!
We took the younger girls to Disney Jr. wake up party. Kara did not want to go. 

They had a fun time. 

We expected a Disney Jr character like, Jake or Sofia, but they were pretty surprised and happy to see Pluto show up. 

The Halloween tree in full bloom. 
I crocheted pokeballs for all of us to carry around. Ben also ordered me a stuffed Togapei to carry around, just like Misty. Lots of people joked about catching the girls. Apparently some people were going through Pokemon Go! withdrawals during the cruise. 
Everyone was excited to trick or treat on the ship. 
Ben and Evie volunteered for a father daughter dress up relay. Each dad/daughter pair won 1 round, so they each got a prize. 
They had to dress them up like classic characters. 

The kids really like getting to dance around with the characters. They'd rather do that than stand in line to get a picture and an autograph. 

Jiggly Puff was pretty natural for Kiersten to get down. All she has to do is sing. 
Evie came up with some interesting Pika-moves. 

Kara enjoyed the extra attention of people calling out to her in squirtle voices. 

This little boy was dressed as Pikachu, and his mom requested Ben to take a picture with him. We had several people take pictures with us on their own cameras, but he was the only one to want a professional one, haha. We thought it was funny. 
It was a fun day! The kids didn't get nearly as much candy as they did on our last Halloween cruise, but I was secretly glad about that. 

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