Friday, July 1, 2016

Great day to be a Dad!

The girls really wanted Ben to have a special father's day this year. They all wanted a different printable questionnaire to fill out about him. I think he liked having the variety of questions. Evie wrote that her dad was 4044 years old. Beat that!
Kara kept asking me if I thought they had enough special things prepared.
Kiersten had very sweet answers.
Kara went for the funny bone.

They insisted he try his new slippers on right away. Those are what Evie gave him.

They wanted to make gifts as well as the gifts we ordered. They made him an Ipad case out of duct tape. It turned out better than I expected, but not really practical to travel with or anything. He puts his Ipad in there while it is charging.
The also made his a world's greatest dad sign to hang up in the basement.

He was most excited about these beverage jugs. He saw them when they came in the mail, but I wouldn't let him have them til father's day. He was also excited that 2 were mistakenly sent when I only purchased one, and we got to keep the extra.
Kiersten wrapped up a "#1 DAD" sign she made out of duct tape, and then hung it up after he opened it.

Kara made French toast, and sadly, burned her hand.
Breakfast was a success!
She said it was worth the burn to do a nice breakfast for Daddy.

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