Friday, July 22, 2016

Pool party

I meant to post these pictures before our trip, but I forgot, so these are from almost a month ago. Kara had a girl scout party at the North Pointe water park. It rained lightly the whole day , but was warm, and the girls had a great time. Kiersten and Evie had some buddies there too, so they had lots of fun.

Evie really likes the whirl pool, and is always trying to swim against the current.
It does tire her out pretty quickly.

They love playing on the Bucket Falls play area.
Evie always runs away as soon as the bucket is about to topple.

Or she hides in the tube while the water falls down if she can't run away fast enough.
There was a nice break in the rain toward the end of the afternoon.
They all love the rope swing.
Evie was brave enough to try the diving board this time. She did not like that goggles weren't allowed, though. She was worried about making it back to the edge without them, but did fine, of course.

Kara was hard to find for a picture. She really ran around that place.
I did manage to catch her in the deep pool for a few minutes.

Here is a preview of the girls' swim team photo. I like to get a few shots of the chaos trying to get them all to look the same direction at the same time while holding still and smiling. It is a process.
Kara just smiles and sits there ready for the picture.
You can see Kiersten kind of snuggling down behind her friend's shoulder in the middle.
Kiersten was swimmer of the week for her age group, and got to stand on the blocks for the National Anthem. She was very proud and excited.
The girls had a great swim season. Their team was undefeated in meets, and came in 2nd place overall in the Conference Championship. They all improved a lot on all of their times this year.

One day we had a feet competition. We had to write our names with our feet. Here are the results.
I guess that says Kiersten.
Kara did pretty well.
After we wrote our names, we had to unlock and open the front door, and storm door, get outside, and then back in and relock the door using just our feet. I killed the competition on that!

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