Monday, June 27, 2016


The girls had a dance recital at the beginning of the month. We weren't able to take pictures at the recital, so had to get them all in at the dress rehearsal. They were very excited to show off their moves. It's been nice to have them in the same class, and I don't think we're going to be able to pull that off again next year.
Evie was crazy excited about the accessories. She was most proud of the earrings.
Kiersten was really looking forward to the makeup, and was annoyed with me that I didn't do the full makeup for rehearsal. But I still felt like she was fairly well made up even without eye shadow.
Kara was a good and patient audience member. It was also nice to be able to send her back to the car for things, or to take the girls to the bathroom.
They had some issues on their run through, but everything was fixed for the recital, and both of their dances went really well. That is Kiersten in the center back.
When I was looking through the pictures, it was not hard to spot Evie with her pouty face she did the entire time. I was relieved that she didn't do the same for the recital.
Kiersten again 3rd back.
I was trying to catch Evie doing the right move at the same time as everyone else, so was glad to get this shot of her. She is to the left.
Kiersten is center.
Evie pouting in back again.

Their poses at the end were cute. I am not sure Evie is doing the correct thing (to the right) because they re-posed her before taking the professional group photo.
Kiersten had to be told a few times to hold her head straight. I didn't get any shots of her without the tilted head, so have my fingers crossed that the pros got a good one. I think I'm supposed to pick up the pictures this week.

I thought they were going to be done with dance after this performance, but now they are both talking about wanting to do it again in the fall. I guess we'll see if it works out.

Here are some more pictures I just found on my phone. They turned out way better.

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