Friday, July 22, 2016

Riding Day!

The girls have rally been looking forward to riding horses with Papa. And Kerry has been working with the horses to get them used to being tethered together so the girls could ride by themselves instead of in his lap.
Kiersten was the most nervous. She did great though.
He led her around in the corral first until she got comfortable on the horse.
Then they went out and rode around the pasture.

Evie got to go next, and she is the one I was worried about. She is such a wiggler, and gets spastic sometimes. It was kinda funny to see her sitting up there all wobbly-bobbly.

I thought he might just keep her inside the corral, but she took it seriously, and tried to sit up straight as she could on the horse.
So out they went. I had a hard time watching her, and couldn't help imagining her tumbling over the side. So I don't have a lot of pictures of her, haha. But she did fine, even when her horse got nervous of the cows. Papa made sure she got back okay.
She and Kiersten both rode with a rope connecting their horse to Papa's horse so he could control them when needed.
Kara was pretty impatient for her turn, but it was worth the wait. She got to ride by herself with no lead rope. She sure is confident, and not scared at all. She just hops right up, and assumes she knows just what to do. I was never like that at her age.

She truly enjoys riding. I'm glad she's such a natural. I'm still kinda scared of the cows, let alone the horses!

She helped Papa put the horses away after the ride.
Kara got to get up early one morning and go for a ride in the desert with just her and Papa. He was nice to take a couple of pictures of her. She said it was really exciting. She only got nervous once when her horse sort of reared up, but she stayed on and the horse calmed right down.

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