Friday, July 22, 2016

Going to Idaho

We had a long drive to Idaho. The kids did really great, but it was a long one for Ben and me. Ben drove 23 hours straight through, and we only stopped for food and gas. We had the girls wear pjs and were packed and ready to go when Ben got off work on Friday. We left around 3pm. When we stopped for dinner, the girls were definitely ready for a break.

I had them run around while Ben waited for food to stretch their legs and get all the wiggles out.

Ben wanted to get a picture in Palisades as we were driving through. It is strangely comforting to be surrounded by mountains and pine trees. I don't notice the absence on a regular basis, but there is definitely a "home" feeling we get driving into Idaho or Utah and being surrounded by the Rockies.
We also had to make a stop in Swan Valley for some square ice cream cones. I don't think anyone was able to finish their whole cone.

We got to Papa and Grams a lot earlier than we originally thought, so it was nice for the girls to have the entire afternoon to play and relax. Everyone was up bright and early the next morning and ready to hit the tree swing again and greet the animals.
The girls have been excited to meet Chewy for the first time.

Papa had to take everyone for a quick ride on the 4 wheeler.

Chewy is such a sweet girl. She's probably the first dog I've ever really genuinely liked very much.
At first Evie was nervous around her, and she was very curious to get to know Evie. By the end of the trip, Chewy was definitely keeping more distance from Evie, who was chasing her around and constantly picking her up.

Ben didn't want to hug Kara for a week due to the animal hair she was covered in.

The girls enjoyed picking raspberries for a pie.

This photo did not have a happy ending. Kara let go of the cat too soon, and Hoser dug into Kiersten's chest and hung on for dear life.
All of the girls waited patiently for Papa to get the horses ready for riding.

They waited and petted cats and dogs.

I stumbled across this lovely dead bird, and had to get a picture.
It was just such a lovely way to spend the morning. It's nice to just be relaxed and in no hurry to get anyone anywhere for a change.

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