Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Fun

Kiersten had softball camp last week. She had a lot of fun, and I actually did see some improvements at her softball game on Tuesday.
It was a really hot week, so I was a little worried, but she did a good job of reapplying sunscreen, and they had a water jug so the girls could keep their water bottles filled up.
On the final day I got trapped on the freeway when it was completely shut down, so she was there an extra hour. It was awful because I could look over and see the field she was at, and just couldn't get to her. But the director of the camp stayed with her and they played tic tac toe, so it all worked out, but I was very stressed out. Kara had begged me to leave her home to watch Evie while I picked Kiersten up, and I almost gave in. She hasn't really been left with Evie before, or even by herself for very long, so I ended up making them come with me. So I felt bad they were stuck in the car, but I was glad I didn't have to worry about them being at home and not knowing why I was gone so long.
On Sunday Kiersten went to a Selena Gomez concert with her friends. She has been so looking forward to this! I was wishing I had gotten a ticket to go with her, but it's good I didn't as I ended up taking Evie to the ER after she swallowed a broken piece of plastic, and had it stuck in her throat. She swallowed it down by the time we saw anyone, but they still checked her out and made sure there was no bleeding or anything.

She paid for her ticket with her allowance money. I was surprised she wanted to, because she is usually a miser. She was almost up to $400 saved up, where her sisters never get much over $100 before they want to spend it all. She wants to buy her own car when she's 16, and I am impressed she does such a great job of saving.

This is also Kiersten. At a friend's house she got bunch ems stuck in her hair. They are little rubbery ball sort of toys with bumps, and I had heard of them getting in kids hair, but was surprised how quick she got them stuck in there, and how hard they were to get out. If you haven't seen them, google it. I thought I was gonna have to cut her hair, but was able to get them out with some ripping and tearing. She probably would have preferred me to just cut it, but she'd have lost more hair that way.
Swim team has been going great this year. So far, our crocodiles are undefeated at 3-0!

I took Kara out to lunch and to the park a few weekends ago, and she ended up feeding the last of her sandwich to the ducks.
She was soon surrounded and being chased and snapped at. A few of the ducks kept following her the whole time we were there, long after she was out of food. I think they started to make her nervous, though she wouldn't admit it. I was worried, they'd follow us to the parking lot and I'd run over one. There were baby geese there too, so the adult geese were pretty aggressive, hissing and chasing her.

She brought her bug net to catch some butterflies and dragonflies.
I spend so much time taking her to school things and sports. It was a nice change to just watch her playing and being a kid. I can't even remember what Evie and Kiersten were doing that day, haha.

Kiersten's swimming has really improved this summer. She has been very excited to get to swim in some of the "scoring" heats. She really tires hard, and always pushes herself.
Evie still spends a lot of time goofing around like a nearly 6 year old should. She asked that little boy to have a wedding with her, but he said no, so she is a little annoyed with him right now.
This was on father's day. I forgot to add it to the other post. The girls took Daddy shopping as part of his day of fun. Somehow they ended up with a lot more stuff than he did.

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