Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kara Bear- End of the school year

The girls always have a ton going on at this time of year. Here is a little taste of what Kara's been doing the past few weeks.
She had her final concert for special chorus. She was pretty excited.
They did a great job, as always.
She also qualified to compete in the elementary school track meet for the district. She was glad that she got to miss regular school from 9:30-1:30 that day. It was a really nice day to be outside.

Woerther came in 2nd overall for the meet.

Stretching out.
She was in the relay. While they were warming up, she was excitedly running around and jumping all over the place. I was worried she would wear herself out.
She was most nervous about the baton hand off. She did it perfectly though, and her team came in 2nd. It was all very exciting. She passed up 2 runners on her leg of the race, so she was proud of that.

While we were out there, we could see the Blue Angels practicing for the air show the next day. So that was neat to see. I should have taken more pictures, they were doing some cool things.

Swim team had a car wash on Saturday, and I sent Kara down to help out. She ended up winning the raffle basket full of fun Castle Pines Crocodiles stuff. She was beyond thrilled, and totally won't give me the visor I keep insisting she should give to me. 

CCL final project night was Wednesday for Kara. They had a world hunger expo, and the kids presented their projects. Kara's group made these activity books to sell for PSDI (Partners in Sustainable development International) which is a charity working in Bangladesh.
They worked very hard putting together these books to be fun, but also teach about poverty in developing countries.

Kara made this poster, I got a picture before the other kids had written their paragraphs on it. They were supposed to email them to Kara so she could have the poster ready, but nobody did, so at first it was just her paragraph on there.
She has researched, and learned so much about Bangladesh this semester. I am really proud of her. She sincerely cared about this project, and I think it changed her as a person to participate in this unit.

All of the kid "ambassadors" had a meeting in the gym, so Kiersten manned the table for them and sold books to parents who were there for other presentations. She's not afraid to go for the sales. And she's hard to say no to. The boys in Kara's group were trying to get her to come back the rest of the evening to help sell.
Kara was the first there, and got everything set up while she waited for her team members.
She was very proud of the books, and even sold one to Evie.
In the gym, they had a kids UN meeting and roll call, talked about the projects and the 4 charities the kids were working with. Some of the groups also started letter writing campaigns. Then they showed a movie on the conditions in Ethiopia that was honestly hard to watch. Then they sent the kids back to their booths, and the parents were able to check everything out. The charities all had representatives there, and they were very grateful for the support and efforts from the kids.
Evie and Kiersten bought concessions at this skit, and then didn't even stay for the show, lol.
I haven't gotten an email yet on the amount that was collected for each charity, but it seemed like a very successful night. After we left I started getting emails and messages that Kiersten had won a raffle basket, so I took her back over there to pick that up. She was, of course, over the moon.

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