Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kiersten baby- End of the school year

Kiersten has also been a busy little lady lately.
She attended a birthday party at the park a couple Saturdays ago. Kara was with us, and they spent a little time on the tennis court.

It was such a nice day, but kind of windy.
Evie also had a birthday party to attend, and it was at the World Bird Sanctuary. While Evie was in the party room, the girls went exploring and caught a little frog.
He was pretty cute, and I'm glad I stopped her from releasing him into the enclosure where several of the eagles and hawks are tethered. I wanted to make sure they put him closer to the water so he wouldn't die. (Or become a meal for the birds)
Last Wednesday the parents were invited to watch the second graders read through their plays. They have been doing these all year, and it's been fun to see the scripts come home, and listen to Kiersten excitedly explain which part she read.
This play was about Abraham Lincoln as a boy. Kiersten played his sister.

They all were fantastic. Some rally went all out with fun voices.
They also performed a poem about sea creatures.
Kiersten was the blue whale.
A truly fun group of second graders!
Kiersten's CCL final project night was on Thursday. I was unable to attend, as I had to work concession duty at her softball field that night. So I told Ben he'd better take a few pictures for me.
Her project was a robot that would serve trays in hotels and restaurants. The kids designed and programmed it themselves. Their first idea had been a robot that could go to Mars, but they decided that was too difficult to complete in their time frame.

I really wish I could have seen the demonstration, but I'm sure it was nothing short of fabulous and epic! I'm very proud of her. I would have no clue how to build and program a robot now, let alone at 8 years old.

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