Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break

I have tons of pictures, and am really behind on putting them up. So I think I'm going to do a few posts this week. I think these pictures are from the weekend of Spring Break. It was a nice day to play outside. It kills me, KILLS me that the girls can't ride bikes without training wheels. I thought we would teach them last summer, but it went by so fast. I am determined they will learn by the end of this upcoming summer.

Ben made Kiersten's bike taller, but I still think she just needs a bigger bike.
The girls decided to have a castle drawing contest, of which I was the judge.
Part of the reason I want Kiersten to get a larger bike, is so Evie can have hers, and get rid of this trike.
I only awarded Karalee 80 points, because she said, "I'm not going to finish, just judge it the way it is." I would have given her a higher score, but didn't like that she just gave up and quit like that.
Evie may have had some help from me...
Kiersten won the most points. She had lots of details that I liked.
The girls were so excited to get a package from Papa! He made them an amazing Lincoln log set. They have played with it every day since it arrived. Kiersten said, "we're so lucky to have such a nice Papa!" Evie said she wishes he lived next door so he could play blocks with them every day after school.
It's not often that they all 3 play together without fighting, but they have been doing just that with these blocks.
On Thursday of spring break, Ben had the day off, so we thought we'd go to the zoo. But cars were backed up clear onto the freeway just to get into the parking lot. So we headed over to the Science center instead. We hadn't been in a while. so there were lots of new things to see and do.
Kiersten was particularly interested in this vortex.
You'd never guess they were standing on a shaking, earthquake platform. It was supposed to simulate a 5.5 earthquake.
They loved the wind tunnel.

Evie kept going up to these signs and saying, "according to my computer..." and then stating random animal facts.

Unsurprisingly, Ben generated the most electricity. Kiersten was second, and Kara's number was by far the lowest.

analyzing our fingerprints in the lab. Kiersten was excited to learn that 2 of her prints are a rare pattern. Only 5% of fingerprints have that pattern, so she is proud to be the owner of 2 of them.
Kara and I tried not to be disappointed with our average fingerprints.

Kara built the structure on the right, and mine is on the left. When the "earthquake" button was pressed, hers stood, and mine fell after about 2 seconds. She was very proud. She told me it's because Daddy taught her about engineering.
When you walk over the freeway, there are little windows on the floor so the kids can see the cars zooming by below. They thought that was so cool. It made me a little nervous, though I rationally know it's perfectly safe. Just makes me a little panicky is all.
Evie got so excited when we got over to the planetarium. She kept saying, "we're going to Mars!"
I'm always amazed at how nice and big it is. I still can't believe it's free. We should have gone over there more often when we were living down the street.
It was a pretty fun day! And not too crowded for being spring break either.

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