Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

The girls had a pretty fun Easter. It was the very first time since Ben and I got married that we didn't travel to see family, or have anyone visiting for Easter.
Kara was really excited about her new dress. When I went in to check on her in bed, she had it laid out for the morning. She and Kiersten woke up a lot earlier than I thought they were going to.
Kiersten kept saying that she looked like a little lady. She really wanted to hold out her coat, so the dress underneath would show for the picture. Looking at the pictures, I feel kinda bad I didn't get them shoes to match their dresses, but they didn't care.
Evie had to do the same pose as Kiersten. She kept doing it for the rest of the pictures all day. She has been going crazy seeing this dress in her closet, but not getting to wear it. She was so happy to finally put it on.
Ready to find some eggs!

The grass was really long, which we thought would be a good thing. Unfortunately, some of the eggs were hidden too well. They had to keep going back over the yard to find more eggs. Later in the morning, I noticed we were short one of the boiled eggs. I had to go out and search for it, and it was hard to find!
Kiersten did just fine running around in her high heels. I was worried she'd get hurt, but she's a pro. She just told me today that it's okay she was a bald baby, because now she has gorgeous hair, and is going to be famous and fashionable.
Evie was such a happy little hunter. She excitedly ran to show Ben everything she found. There was a lot of squealing.
The Easter bunny put Ben's basket up in the tree. The girls sure got a kick out of that!
Kara got a few different things than the younger two. She told me later that she was relieved to not get babyish stuff.
Kiersten almost stopped hunting after she found her basket. She was so excited that she could see a stuffed Olaf doll in there. She just wanted to dig in and get him out to play.
Evie was so so excited to find these little "palace pets". They are the supposed pets of some of the Disney princesses. She's been really into them lately. She ran to Ben screaming, "Daddy! Look Daddy!"
Kara was the last to find her basket. I was so tempted to coach her to it, as Kiersten and I had seen where it was. But I controlled myself, and just waited for her to finally locate it.
It was a perfect, beautiful day.
Finally able to play with Olaf.
Evie found the most quarters. She ended up with $12. Kara had $11, and Kiersten found $7. Evie was getting worried at first, because she hadn't gotten any candy eggs. I think she ended up with about 7 pieces of candy over all.
Kiersten got plenty of candy, and almost all of the "trinket" eggs, with things like rings, lip smackers, etc.
The day before, the girls had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt at the park. Afterward, we came home to make some rice krispie eggs. Ben insists on having these every year. I made 2 for each of us girls, and 3 for him. But since I don't much care for them, he got more than his share. I think the girls may have given him some of theirs as well. We put some jelly beans inside one of Evie's eggs. I didn't get to see her eat it though, but she hopefully enjoyed the surprise.
We also colored the boiled eggs. Evie kept dropping them, so we had lots of cracked up eggs.
Fun family time. Ben even tore himself away from sports long enough to help a bit.
Evie just wanted to make pink eggs.
The girls wanted to make a bunny cake. Instead of frosting, I covered it in mashed up strawberries, and then whipped cream on top. It tasted really good. We took it to our friends house for Easter dinner. I didn't remember to bring the camera, but we all had a great dinner and a fun time. Kara is now saving up her money to buy an electric scooter like her friends have.
And that's how we do Easter.

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Nancy said...

Cute, cute, & cute! Everything looked fun & you're family cute as ever. We've had a few Easters alone , but we didn't have kids yet so good thing you had them to liven it up!