Thursday, April 3, 2014

Evie's day at the zoo

Evie was pretty devastated that we didn't go to the zoo during spring break. So I took her on Monday since the other girls have a long day on Mondays.
We are in our annual rush to use up all of our tickets before our membership expires, so she got to do everything she wanted. We rode the train 3 times.

She thought this photo op was the funniest thing ever. I had to take about 8 different pictures of her doing different faces.
She was really happy to go in the big bird cage. The other girls don't really care to go down to it, so I let her run around in there as long as she wanted.
She was really scared of this big bird because it hopped onto the branch as we were walking up, and made a big racket. So I told her to make a funny face at him so he would seem less scary. She made a funny face at me instead.
She ran excitedly up to this peacock, and then stopped, turned, and said, "I won't pull out his feathers. I don't want to get my eyes pecked out". Then she asked "where's the pink one?" I explained that peacocks aren't pink. Then she asked, "then why are they called pink-cocks?"

She said that zebras are her favorite.
I thought she'd like seeing this camel, since it was really close to the edge. But she said it was gross, and wanted to move on.
The chimps were pretty exciting for her.
We made sure to ride the carousel before heading home. She wanted to ride in the carriage, but I made her pick one that would go up and down.
It was a little, rainy, so a pretty perfect day for the zoo. No crowds, and most of the animals out and moving around. I might bring her back this next Monday, to make the most of our membership before it expires. I'm still not sure if I'm going to renew it or not this year. The zoo is free, so the membership gets us free parking, and passes for the special things, but we don't ever use them up, and parking on the street isn't too bad usually.

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