Thursday, March 27, 2014

Girls update 3/27

The girls have been staying fairly busy lately. Kiersten is doing great in school, and can't wait for the weather to start warming up. She's also quite excited about her magic lessons that begin next week. 
 Evie is growing so fast, and we can't seem to keep her in any size of clothing for very long. We are almost to the point of taking clothes straight from Kiersten's closet and giving them right to Evie without packing them away.
 Kara is also having a growth spurt, and has been really into a robot project, and binary chapter she's been working on at CCL.
 These jars I painted didn't quite turn out how I was picturing them in my head. So I gave them to Kara. She is using one as a save jar, and one as a spend jar. Last I looked, she had 2 dimes in the spend jar. She wants to save up for an alarm clock that is $100 called Clocky. I think it's a silly thing to want, but if she saves up for it, I figure it will be a good learning experience for her.
 When Kara went on her Daddy-Daughter date a few weekends ago, I hosted a pajama party for the other girls.
 They were really excited to put on lipstick and eye shadow.
 They sure had some interesting poses.
 Kiersten really has the "moody" model look down. I had to coach her into smiling for one.
 It was the night before St. Patrick's Day, so we all painted our toenails green.
 They did fight a little over the last strawberry, but Kiersten finally just let Evie have it.
 I read 2 chapters of Kiersten's new book to them.
 One day during spring break, the girls wanted to have a Barbie war. Kiersten and I were on a team against Kara and Evie. We made quick claim to the Barbie house, and all inhabitants therein.
 Evie trying to be sneaky.
 Rallying the troops.
 Evie defected to our side, so I made Kiersten be on Kara's team. It took her about 10 seconds to announce she was really just a spy, and turn on Kara. Surprisingly, Kara was holding her own fairly well.
 But just in time, Kiersten released her secret horde of naked Barbies that were hiding in the garage of the Barbie house. Kara's troops were just no match in the end.
 They eventually made peace, and we all enjoyed a snack as a reward for bringing peace to the kingdom of Kiersten's room.


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