Monday, April 14, 2014

circus circus!

I mentioned in a previous post that we took the girls to the circus. Unfortunately, it was right in the middle of a very stressful week, and the camera was forgotten. I was a little disappointed, but figured, oh well. Imagine my happiness when Ben forwarded me some pictures that a friend who was there with us sent to him! Thanks Mike for saving the day!
The girls were really excited about the tigers. This was definitely Kara's favorite part.
But I thought the regular sized kitties were also pretty impressive.
The bears were certainly a crowd pleaser. It was a little shocking to see a non-cartoon bear riding a bike.

The kids really got a kick out of him riding a motorcycle.
Evie fell asleep for a little bit, but we woke her during intermission.
The acrobats and contortionists were impressive. Kiersten did get a little disturbed by one of the contortionists, though.
I think there were up to 5 motorcycles riding around in the cage at once.
This guy was lit on fire and shot across the arena like an arrow. It was pretty impressive. Kiersten was very nervous for him.

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