Thursday, April 24, 2014

Class parties

Kara had a spring party at school a couple weeks ago. They had a trivia/minute to win it party. It was fun to see her interacting with her buddies at school. Kiersten had a party too, but it overlapped with Kara's, so I could only help out at one.
Kara's minute to win it challenge was putting together a cereal box puzzle. It was harder than it looked.

The kids were super cool in their prize sunglasses.

I also got to help out at Evie's preschool Easter party. It was really fun, and I love that her school gets to celebrate actual holidays. I was in charge of the snack. The cupcakes and peeps were a big hit. I don't know who divided up the groups, but Evie was lucky enough to be with her best little buddies.
I ran the bunny hop game, so that's really the only game I got pictures of. The kids had a blast. Some of them fell down, but nobody cried, thank goodness.

After snack and games, they got to hunt for Easter eggs on the playground.
Evie found her 6 eggs rather quickly.

After all that., some of the kids were still asking, "what's next?" The energy is just endless with these little guys!
The craft they made was an egg carton that they used for the egg hunt. Evie is very proud of hers, and wanted me to save it with the other Easter stuff for next year. Hopefully it will still be intact when we get everything out next Easter.

I know I already shared Six Flags pictures, but I got some more this weekend. This one just to show off my new short hair :) (and super cool sunglasses borrowed from Kara)
Kiersten jumped at the chance to try on my sunglasses.

Kids just having fun posing for pictures while we waited for food.
I had to get a picture of Ben's leg wound. He got this playing softball last week. It looks awful in real life. He came home really bloody still. But I am proud to say I got most of the blood out of the t-shirt he used to wrap it up so they'd let him keep playing.
He's had a pretty miserable week with this leg, especially now that it is scabbing over, and breaking back open. Hopefully he learned his lesson about "sliding into third". He had another game this week, and I was at the playground with the kids, but kept an eye on him to make sure he didn't try to pull any funny business again. He still went to his basketball and football games this week, so it must not be too bad...

Ben and I were practically jumping for joy that the girls are both tall enough to ride this without an adult now. They always want to ride it, but we both hate this one. It is nauseating.
Ben not winning a prize for the girls.. hehehe. I always stand there hoping he doesn't win, so I don't have to find room for a giant stuffed toy. Kiersten really wanted that smurfette.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

Ben told me he hurt his leg, but I had no idea it was that large. It looks like you've having lots of family fun. Becky you are so blessed to be able to be there for your girls' class parties.