Wednesday, May 7, 2014

School carnival

Since I was helping out with the school carnival, Ben came home from work early to bring the girls. I did get several chances to get out there and see them having fun. Of course the first thing they wanted to do was get sno cones.
They loved playing in the bubbles.

Kara won this football at one of the games. But a boy took it from her and threw it on the roof. Luckily, she was able to win another one later at the same game. The next morning, there was a ball on the porch with a sweet note from the boy, apologizing and saying he bought it with his allowance.
Kiersten wasn't as lucky as Kara at the ball throwing game.

Kara and I stayed after the carnival, to decorate her teacher's door with another mom. It was late, and I wish I had done a few things differently, but I guess now I know for next year.  
Kiersten got a crown painted on her face. I didn't have a chance to get a picture at the carnival, but she was waiting up when Kara and I got home.
Kara was so sure she was going to win another raffle basket this year. So I have spent a few weeks reminding her, that not everyone can win, and that she might, but not to count on it, because that would be really lucky to win 2 years in a row. (Plus I only bought her 6 tickets). So of course she won a hello kitty/sleepover basket! She only put one ticket in again, so now she's convinced she's the luckiest girl ever, and poor Kiersten is convinced of the same. Of course she'll be sharing most of her winnings with her sisters. Ben and I may have also already pilfered some of the candy... shhh...
She is so excited about everything she won, and is hard at work planning her slumber party. She got candy, popcorn, movies, games, hair accessories, crafts, nail polish, and all things girly. When we got home, Ben had it all set out on the counter for her. So I didn't get a picture of her with the basket.
Last week I asked if she wanted to get a manicure with me on mother's day, and she said no. Her reason was that she doesn't like girly stuff. So I had to call her out on putting her ticket in this basket, and winning. She said, "well, it's different at a sleepover, because you're supposed to do girly things at sleepovers".
We had a hard time fitting it all into one picture. She was already trying to make party favors the next morning. Her slumber party isn't until the 30th, so we told her to wait a little bit so we don't have them sitting around for weeks. One of the things she got was a party planning book, and she has been making good use of it. She has a 4 page outline of everything she's planning. I'm curious to see if she sticks to it, or if it all goes out the window when her friends are here.
I had to get a pic of Evie's butterfly face paint when she was asleep in bed. That stuff was a nightmare to clean off! The black came right off, but the pink did not want to wash away. I got most of it off her forehead, but she had very pink cheeks the next day.

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