Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve :)

We finally let the girls decorate their gingerbread house last night. They actually didn't make too big a mess, and we had hardly any fighting. 
Ben assigned Evie to decorate the back, Kiersten to decorate the roof, and Karalee decorated the front and sides. He glued/frosted the whole thing together and got it standing, and I made the fondant windows and door. 

They are very happy with their house. the younger two keep asking when they can eat it, but Kara is very adamant that it can't be eaten because Ben sprayed it with canned air. I don't think they need to eat it with all of the goodies we have around right now. 
They couldn't wait to get dressed up this morning. I straightened Evie's hair to see how it would look. I was surprised how much longer it looked. Kara and Kiersten both said she looks like Kaymie. 
I got Kara and Evie's dresses when I was out shopping, but couldn't find anything in Kiersten's size. So she got to pick out her dress on a daddy-daughter date. Since her dress didn't have a red rosette like the other 2, I made her a red rose pin to wear. 
Evie was proud to change the count down sign to say only 1 more day til Christmas!
Baking cookies for Santa. 

I made a hat that was going to be for Ben, but it turned out too big. So we gave it to Winnie the Pooh for a Christmas gift. It was a perfect fit! Kara thought this was so funny. She started rapping when she saw it. This was her rap, 
" I'm Winnie the Pooh bear
I like honey
in my fat tummy
cuz I think it's yummy.
I'm a jazz guy
in my jazz hat
I think she might be confusing jazz and hip hop...

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Nancy said...

That Ben & his big head! haha, Beautiful girls on Christmas Eve!