Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kiersten's post, mostly

Kiersten is so excited to have lost her first tooth! She was concerned when it was first loose, because Kara warned her that she was too young to have a loose tooth. Once I assured her it was okay, she was pretty happy. Not to be outdone, Kara promptly lost a tooth this morning. She said it wasn't even loose yesterday.
She was also very excited to wake up to $1 the next morning. And boy is that dollar burning a hole in her pocket this week...
She is the star student at school this week. She got to help make a poster about herself to take to school on monday. 

her first poem, you may remember it from a post earlier this year. 
Her list of favorite things. 
Last Wednesday, we had Kiersten's Daisy troop over for a Christmas party. It was interesting, because we are in the middle of getting our floors refinished, so we held it in the basement, and there was some noise right at the beginning of the party. One of the other leaders made these cute little cards with good deeds written on the back. Each girl got to choose one from the tree, and that is the good deed they need to work on this month. The girls loved it. 
We split the girls up into groups, since we have 18 girls in the troop. It was more manageable to have 4-5 girls in each group, than trying to have them all together. I printed out some colorful snowflakes, and laminated them. then we used them to play a twist on musical chairs. The girls would walk to the music, and then each time the music stopped, I'd take away a snowflake. So the girls wouldn't feel bad about getting "out", I made a rule that when they were the one out, they got to choose the next snowflake to take away, and they got to push the button to start and stop the music. 
I also made a snowman poster for "pin the nose on the snowman". I made a bunch of carrot noses with tape on the back. I just used a wide, black headband for the blindfold. It was such a simple game, but a huge hit. They wanted to play over and over again. 

We also had a bead station with wooden beads they could color, and also some fun plastic Christmas beads. 

We had a cookie decorating station, and also a cute reindeer card craft. I could tell a huge difference on the game station, when the girls had been to the cookie station already. they were so excited and silly. 

At the end, we got them all together to decorate the leaders like Christmas trees. They loved it! Then we had all the parents clap to vote for their favorite decorated leader. 

It was a snow day on Friday, and we were confined to the basement, because of the floors being worked on. After playing in the snow, the girls had a grand time decorating each other with the decorations that were still out from the girl scout party.


Vicky Van Sickle said...

Lots of fun at your house. Why didn't the daisy girl scouts wear their uniforms? Did you get lots of snow?

Nancy said...

I finally had time to catch up on the last 2weeks of blogging! Good updates, looks much more fun than being holed up in a hotel w/ me & the kids having the flu!