Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

On Thanksgiving, we decided to get out all of the Christmas decorations. we always find fun things in the bins that we bought on clearance after the previous Christmas, like these reindeer hats. 
The girls and I put out all of the Christmas decor. It was fun being in the new house, to decide where everything should go. 

Ben helped the girls decorate the tree the next morning while I was out shopping the deals. 

After I got back from shopping, and helped Ben with putting lights on the house, we drove out to Indiana to have Thanksgiving weekend with Nancy and Victor. The kids had so much fun playing together. Whitney is such a little doll, and my girls absolutely love doting on her. 
Things got a little rough in Tommy's room, so I ended up having to break this up.
Nancy planned a turkey hunt for the kids. It was really cold, but they all had fun following the GPS.

They all found their turkey craft/snack.
On sunday, Kiersten woke up and announced she wanted to get her ears pierced. Since we were already planning to go to pizza for lunch, we stopped by the mall first. Kiersten was so good. She didn't cry or wince. I didn't even realize the first ear was done, because she had absolutely no reaction. The girl who did the piercing was surprised. She said usually at that age, they expect a lot of tears and wiggling. 
The haven't even bled one drop. When Kara got hers done this summer, they bled a little, and were sore for several days. Kiersten's must have been placed perfectly, because hers were just a little bruised the first day, and been fine since. She is so proud to be a big girl and really is trying to act more mature this week. 
Ben found this little pre-lit tree, and bought it for the girls to decorate. Kiersten picked out pink, purple, and blue ornaments, and I let them do the whole thing by themselves. I haven't moved a single ornament. They are pretty proud of their very own tree upstairs. 

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bmills said...

What fun girls, and Kiersten is such a poser.