Monday, November 19, 2012

turkey trot

Kara had a "turkey trot" race at school last week. The parents were invited to the school right before, and all of the kids loved having us there. 

The first grade getting ready to race. If you see the girl in the back row with a pink shirt, Kara is in front of her. 
The silly face picture. Kara is right in the center. 
Evie couldn't stand me taking pictures, without getting one of her. 
And then, of course, Kiersten needed her picture taken as well. 
Start of the race. 
Kara kept a pretty light jog the whole way. I didn't see her walking, or running very fast. 
She predicted her time at 17 minutes, but finished just over 13. Here's a picture of her coming around the corner to the finish line. 
My brother in law, Josh was in St. louis last week, so we had him over for dinner one night. the girls were so excited to see him. When he left to play basketball with Ben, they were all pouting, and Kara said, "it seems like he's here for other things besides just seeing us". 
On my birthday, Ben made burgers for us, and Kiersten was impressed by how large Daddy's burger was. Here she is pretending to eat it. 

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bmills said...

She is definitely a cute turkey, too bad she took the "trot" part to heart.