Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012

The girls had such a fun Halloween this year! They didn't get to wear costumes to school, because kiersten's school had the parade last week, and Kara's school doesn't allow costumes. They had a fall party earlier in the month instead. But she was excited that her bus driver had a halloween goodie bag for her when she got off the bus.

Purple Posie, Minnie Mouse, and Captain America!
While we waited for Kara to get home from school, I finally let Kiersten paint her little pumpkin from the pumpkin farm. She wanted to make a frankenstein face. 
Evie didn't want to paint hers, but did tell me to paint it like a monster. She ate a cookie from school and watched us paint. 
Kiersten did a great job on her fanken-pumpkin.
I made Evie's look like a random monster. I was surprised she was actually willing to carry it out to the porch. She doesn't usually like things that are scary.
Kiersten is always happy and ready to pose.
Kara was hard to get a smile out of. She kept saying, "but Captain America is tough".
Evie really wanted to take her baby doll  trick or treating, but Ben made her leave it behind. 
Ben put this wagon together when he got home, and put blankets in there for the girls.

Trick or treating!!!
After visiting a few houses with the kids, I went home to make dinner, and hand out candy. I've never had so many trick or treaters. There were huge groups. One group was 18 kids all going around together. And the kids all wanted to tell jokes. I've never heard of that, but Ben said that several people they trick or treated to, asked the kids for a joke first. I guess every area has it's own traditions. 
I thought it was funny that Kiersten turned for her picture pose before taking the candy at this house. 
When they came back home, the girls loved seeing this "mummy bread" I made. 
I also made monster tacos, which they thought were hilarious, and Evie even ate some.
I also froze plastic spiders in ice cubes to surprise them. It's fun with kids, because to them it's not a tired old gag, but a fun halloween surprise!
They all ate pretty well, so they could get candy, and go back out to more houses. Evie didn't want to go again, she just wanted to hang out with me. Kiersten went to one more house, and then told Ben she was done, so he sent her home too. 
When they got back, they had hot chocolate and some other spooky treats.
Witchy finger cookies!

Peanut butter eyeballs! these were a big hit.
crunchy pretzel and marshmallow bones! These were Evie's favorite, and I had to move them away from her so there would be some left when Kara got back. 
I got this bat headband on clearance at the grocery store, so I wore that to hand out candy. I was kinda sad not to dress up this year, but too busy and tired to do anything about it. 


bmills said...

I love Kiersten's scary face.

VicandNanc said...

Wow, you went all out on Halloween! That looks like quite the party for the girls. I'll have to be a little more organized next year. This year we were at the grocery store too late, then tried to get to a party late, got lost, ended up driving around for an hour, & then racing back home to rush a quick dinner & get the kids ready to go out in the freezing cold. Maybe Tommy would have lasted longer if we had a wagon for him too!

Josh and Jackie said...

Love them you are seriously the best Mom!...You always do so much for the girls, they are very blessed to have you as their Momma.