Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Star Student

Kara is the star student in her class this week. Today she got to bring in an  "all about me poster". The paper they sent home didn't really have any guidelines, so we just kinda did it how we wanted. She is pretty excited. Tomorrow she gets to bring in her favorite book to read to the class, and on friday, she needs to bring a mystery item that her classmates have to guess what it is. She wanted to bring the remote control, but Ben said no. 
We included lots of out favorite Kara pictures, and wrote a blurb for each one. In the top right corner is a list of her favorite things. She wanted to add this at the last minute, so it was kind of an afterthought. I thought it was weird she said her favorite color is black. 
On the bottom, is a poem I wrote about her. I didn't think we had room to fit it, but she kept talking about another kid's mom having written a poem about him, and she really wanted me to do it. She also wanted it to be funny, so I did my best. "Kara's a really sweet girl. She loves to dance and twirl. She's a really great thinker, but sometimes a stinker... My favorite 6 year old in the world". I know it's kind of lame, but she thought it was funny, so mission accomplished. 
I guess we've been too busy lately, the kids are just conking out on the floor. this was just after dinner a few nights ago. At least she was already in her pajamas. (and tutu...)
Kiersten and Kara went to a 5 hour elves workshop on saturday. They baked cookies, and made gifts for family members. Kiersten was exhausted when we got home. I put her down on the couch, but I guess she must have rolled off. 
Yesterday I wanted Evie to model a bow for my etsy shop, but she said I had to take a picture of her ponies first. She's a funny girl. For weeks she has refused to wear pants, because she wants to be a princess every day. Sometimes I can trick her into wearing leggings if her top is long enough to pass for a short dress, but jeans have been a no-go.  Yesterday out of nowhere, she said, "I not pwicess today, I wear pants, ok?" and of course I was more than happy to oblige. 

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Nancy said...

That looks like a fun project & she looks so proud :)