Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time for tea

Three happy girls! Ben got new boots for all the girls a week and a half ago. Kara and kiersten want to wear theirs constantly. Evie has only worn hers a few times, and isn't wearing them for this picture. On a side note, I crocheted that top that Evie is wearing. so now Kara and Kiersten have each requested one as well.

The girls have been dying to have a play date with their friends. So since yesterday was early out day for Kara, we invited over a family that has 3 girls all the same ages as us, that is also new to the area. I think they moved here right about the same time as us from AZ. It was fun, but crazy. They played dress up, danced and sang along to Kara's CD player, and then we had the tea party. It was hard to calm them down and get everyone out the door when it was time for swim lessons. 
Evie and her little buddy, Colby. They like to color together, and whine and wiggle throughout their sisters' swim lessons every tuesday and thursday. 
Kiersten and her friend, Teagan. They are in the same swim class, and are the only girls. They had so much fun playing together in Kiersten's room. They will both go to kindergarten next year at Kara's school.
Kara and her BFF Addison. These 2 adore each other. They are in the same class at school, the same girl scout troop, and have swim lessons at the same time, though not the same class. I think they have bonded over being the new girls in school as well. I think I want to do another party soon with some more kids from their class. Apparently these two had told a few of the other girls about the tea party, and told them they would be invited, but I hadn't talked to any of those moms, and we planned this kinda last minute, so I only invited this one family that we see all the time. Maybe we'll do something like this in January for her birthday.


bmills said...

What cute boots!

VicandNanc said...

What a fancy tea party! Maybe my kids would be more into it if I made real food :)

Angelique said...

love the boots! And what a fun playdate!