Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pajama party

Since all the girls were home from school today, I thought we'd get to sleep in. But Kiersten and Evie both woke up at their normal time, so I said something like, "well, I'm gonna have a pajama day this morning." That was enough to give Kara the idea for a pajama party in the livingroom. She spread out a bunch of blankets, and we all ate poptarts together.
Then I rolled all the girls' hair up in rollers. Evie refused to stay in her jammies. Once she heard the word "party", she insisted on putting on a dress. 
We told scary stories. Kara's was my favorite, with a vampire bat named Honolulu. The girl who slayed him went on to become president of the United States. 

Then we did make overs. Evie wouldn't hold still very long, so she  just got a little purple eyeshadow and lip gloss. 

Evie was happy to help give the make overs, however. 
I ended up with crazy blue eyeshadow, and lip liner all over my chin.
Isn't she fabulous??? She let Evie have a little too much free reign with the eyeshadow. 
my sweet Kara.
After the make overs, we all painted our nails. I let Kara do Evies, and they were actually okay.
No pajama party would be complete without a pillow fight. 
All in all, a pretty fun and relaxing way to spend the day with the girls. 

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Angelique said...

Kyrie has the same monkey pajamas as kiersten and we have the same yellow pink shiny dress that evie had on by the christmas tree, but its a 2T so noone fits in it now! Silly, so far away but still alike!