Friday, August 24, 2012

Papa and Grams house

On tuesday, we drove from Island Park to Lewisville to spend a few days with Papa and Grams. The girls love having tea parties with Grams, and it was one of the big things they were looking forward to. Kiersten was disappointed at the airport when she learned we weren't going straight there for a tea party.
They had borrowed Tanis' bouncy house, and when we drove up, the girls were thrilled to see Papa sitting in there.
Kara and Kiersten got to drive the tractor. I didn't get out there in time to get Kara's picture, but Kiersten seemed to enjoy it much more anyway.
Of course we always have to ride the horses. Kiersten was so proud that she got to ride the horse without Papa leading it. She keeps talking about how she was using the reins to make her go.
Evie was just so happy to get to ride. The other girls were both pretty nervous around the horses at this age, but Evie loves them. Every picture of her riding is a giant grin.
Kara is doing pretty well with her riding. She can steer the horse, she learned to stop the horse, and back it up too.
But her true love is the dogs and cats. She has an animal in her lap pretty much the whole time when we visit. She wanted her picture with each dog and cat, but I'll just post one of them.
Kerry's 60th birthday party. We held it at a park, and it was so fun! Lana had this rubber chicken launcher that was a real hit!
Then there were big hoola hoop pants that we all took turns wearing, and you would have to run to try to catch the rubber chickens in your pants.
I think (and hope) he had a good time at the party!
The kids got to break a piñata. They all got a few turns before it finally opened up. I was surprised that Evie wasn't really interested, since at home she goes  crazy with baseball bats, hitting anything and anyone.

We also had a piñata for the adults to break. Grandma Hill got to go first.

All the girls with their Papa. They sure love to visit him and get super spoiled with attention.

Kara couldn't have her picture without one of the dogs in it!

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Those girls sure love their Papa!