Thursday, August 9, 2012


Last week I finally let the girls run through the sprinklers in front. I have been keeping them off the new grass, but finally decided it was fine to let them play on it
If you look closely you'll see a little lizard on the wall. I see this guy almost every day when I'm watering the plants in front. Or maybe it's not always the same one. But I've seen him getting bigger over the last few weeks.

Kiersten kept sitting right over the sprinklers. Kara thought it was hilarious.

We also went to the zoo last week. I thought it was going to be a cooler day, but I was mistaken. It was over 100 °. inside this monkey house was extra, super hot! At first Evie thought they were kitties, but she started calling them monkeys before too long.
Kara kept taking pictures with her camera every time I went to take a picture of her. so I didn't end up with very many without her bright flash on the glass. I have to admit, I do kinda miss Kara's long pony tail :(
The sea lion area is finally open. We didn't go to the underground part, because there was a line of people about 5 across, and 30 deep just to get to the entrance! But the girls liked watching them from above.
We did wait in line to get into the penguin house. I've never had to wait to get in before, but they keep it so cold in there, so it was worth it.
Evie was excited about the flamingos. She kept pointing and saying, "peek!" (pink) Hopefully it will be much cooler the next time we decide to go! I took them to the children's museum on tuesday, but forgot the camera. They had lots of fun there.
I found this gross thing in the basement bathroom! I don't really know what it is, but looking online, I figured it might be a house centipede. Let me know if you recognize this nasty thing!
We also had a mouse in the basement this weekend! It was tiny, but I'm still not happy about it. Ben got some traps and caught it pretty quickly. Kara told me, "it's cute, but it has to die". So I need to do a deep clean in the toy area, and make sure there aren't crackers, or something in there attracting pests! Of course, it could just be a basement issue. Hopefully we'll be able to bug bomb when we go on our vacation, and get rid of whatever else might be lurking!

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Rachelle Young said...

gross bug! we went to the zoo recently too. Fun! super yuck about the mouse too. Can't wait to see you guys soon!!