Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Island Park family reunion

After seeing Ben's Grandma, we headed up to Island Park on sunday to spend time with his Mom, Stepdad, and sisters. The kids needed to get out after being in the car all morning, so we all went geocaching near the cabin.
The kids were all excited to find treasures!
We had a family decathlon. One of the events was shooting. I let Kara shoot for me, which didn't go very well, since she couldn't squeeze the trigger hard enough.
Ben started out well, but got shaky, and wasn't happy with his ending score.
Kara fell in love with this "spot it" game. She wanted to play it over and over with whoever would play with her. I'll have to remember to put it on her Christmas wish list this year. 
She really liked playing in the sand and mud. I hated to see her all covered in mud like this, but at least she was having fun.
Ben took the girls out on the jet ski.
When he let Kiersten ride on the tube, he flipped her and Katie. She was under the tube and wouldn't let go, so he had to gun it to pull the tube out of her hands so she'd float up to the surface. It was really scary. She told me that she was choking on water and couldn't get any breath. She ended up going out again, but just sitting on the jet ski with Ben, not on the tube. I don't think I even let Kara go back out on the tube after that.
Evie had lots of fun riding with Daddy.

Ben trying to do a back flip for the decathlon.
and there he is falling while trying to stand up on the tube.

We had lots of fun at the cabin. Kara said her favorite part was building sandcastles, and Kiersten said her favorite was winning bingo prizes.


Bmills said...

Not True! Kiersten said her favorite part was riding on the tube!

Ben and Becky said...

not today she didn't...